Preventive check at Bangrak and Nonthaburi

The latest preventive maintenance activities

Date: 26-27 May 2020

Location : Bangrak Bangkok, Nonthaburi

Equipment list

Serial number Brand Model
SGH501803Y HPE HP : RX2660
SGH5018040 HPE HP : RX2660
SGH501803X HPE HP : RX2660
SGH5018041 HPE HP : RX2660
SGH151YVN9 HPE HP: RX2800 i2
SGH151YVN8 HPE HP: RX2800 i2
SGH151YVNA HPE HP: RX2800 i2
SGH151YVNB HPE HP: RX2800 i2
SGH504300R HPE HP : RX2660
SGH504300T HPE HP : RX2660
SGH504300N HPE HP : RX2660
SGH504300S HPE HP : RX2660
SGH504300P HPE HP : RX2660
SGH504300M HPE HP : RX2660
SGH33845LL HPE HP : Proliant DL580 G7
SGH33845LR HPE HP : Proliant DL580 G7

Preventive maintenance task list:

  • System Label Check
  • Visually inspect chassis, cables connect ed. Remove any foreign object/dirt.
  • Visually inspect its external and internal airflow paths.
  • Remove any accumulations of dust and other debris that can impede cooling air.
  • Visually inspect LED status for front and/or back panel, and local disks.
  • Check FANS/ Power Modules/ UPS status lights
  • Verify operating system status
  • Check logs system

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