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At a time of competing IT priorities, companies need to be nimble, efficient and smart with their spend. Putting budget toward technology upgrades that give you a significant increase in performance while maintaining assets that are working is a winning strategy for your IT Infrastructure and your bottom line. A strategic partner for more than 15,000 organizations globally, we specialize in delivering 24/7 global technical support, advanced hardware replacement, and complete lifecycle management of networking and data center equipment under one contract.


Global Specialists in the Buying, Refurbishing and Selling of Enterprise IT Equipment
Our global infrastructure means that when you have a mission critical deadline, Techbuyer has all the resources to ensure you get your hardware as quickly as possible, no matter where you are in the world. As our customers grow their businesses, Techbuyer will continue to provide the infrastructure that meets their global requirements.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Global specialists in transformative IT solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a world-renowned technology leader, offering transformative solutions for businesses. Specializing in cutting-edge infrastructure, software, and services, HPE empowers organizations with agile and reliable solutions, driving operational efficiency and digital innovation in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Red Hat

Global leader in open-source solutions
Red Hat is a global leader in open-source solutions, providing enterprise-grade software for secure, scalable, and flexible IT environments. Specializing in cloud computing and middleware, Red Hat empowers businesses with innovative, collaborative, and community-driven solutions. With a commitment to open-source principles, Red Hat enables organizations to drive digital transformation and navigate the challenges of modern technology landscapes with confidence and agility.


Global specialists in comprehensive technology
Microsoft, a global technology titan, pioneers innovative software, cloud services, and hardware. With a rich industry legacy, Microsoft empowers businesses with a diverse portfolio for enhanced productivity and collaboration. As a trusted ally, Microsoft drives digital transformation, offering cutting-edge solutions to navigate and excel in the dynamic world of technology.


Global specialists in cutting-edge network management and automation solutions
<br /> Atrinet is a forefront provider of network management solutions, specializing in empowering service providers and enterprises. Their innovative technologies streamline operations, enhancing efficiency, and enabling seamless digital transformation.


Global leader in virtualization and cloud solutions
<br /> VMware is a global leader in virtualization and cloud solutions, revolutionizing IT infrastructure. Renowned for innovation, VMware empowers businesses with scalable, secure technologies, driving efficiency and digital transformation.


Global specialists in advanced monitoring and alerting solutions
Zabbix is a leading open-source monitoring solution, empowering businesses with robust tools for proactive IT management. Renowned for its versatility, Zabbix ensures optimal performance, resilience, and operational efficiency.

HPE aruba network

Global specialists in cutting-edge networking solutions
HPE Aruba Networks is a leading provider of cutting-edge networking solutions, specializing in secure and scalable technologies. Renowned for innovation, Aruba Networks empowers enterprises with agile, intelligent, and resilient network infrastructures.

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