Preventive maintenance at the industrial estate , Phan ThongComprehensive IT System Checks: Enhancing System Reliability

Date of service : 3 Dec, 2023

Service : HW maintanance service

Service Location : The industrial estate in Phan Thong

Greenwill Solution provides thorough IT system checks to enhance the reliability and performance of your systems. Our comprehensive inspections cover all aspects of your IT infrastructure, ensuring that potential issues are identified and resolved proactively. With our tailored maintenance plans, you can trust us to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule your thorough IT system check and ensure the reliability of your business operations!

Preventive maintenance task list :

  • System Label Check
  • Visually inspect chassis, cables connect ed. Remove any foreign object/dirt.
  • Visually inspect its external and internal airflow paths.
  • Remove any accumulations of dust and other debris that can impede cooling air.
  • Visually inspect LED status for front and/or back panel, and local disks.
  • Check FANS/ Power Modules/ UPS status lights
  • Verify operating system status
  • Check logs system
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