A Professional IT Maintenance service

Hardware and Software service

Unified Warranty extension for HW and OS maintenance and support.


The service build on 3 essential components:

  1. 24×7 Helpdesk service: the service portal is available on website and mobile application
  2. Technical support: qualified system engineer.
  3. Unlimited HW onsite replacement within the predefined Service Level.

The Park Place Technology formerly known as Curvature is our strong service partner providing a Tier2 technical support, spare part management and onsite spare part replacement service.

Basic (Problem Determination) 

As a part of Greenwill Solution’s standard maintenance service, we will provide Basic support which covers problem determination for issues that occur under normal operating conditions. This support is delivered via telephone, email, or chat. 

We will determine whether the problem is hardware, software, or firmware-related. Your specific software platform determines the level of support we can provide. Please reference the product’s addendum for more information. 

These tasks are performed during problem determination: 

  • Identification of hardware malfunction
  • Review of firmware levels
  • Review of operating system version

Service Scope

A. Helpdesk service:

The help desk service will include
1. Multiple communication channels to receive an incident, query, and request.
2. The incident/service request will be logged, categorized, prioritized, acknowledged, routed and monitored.
3. The requestor will receive an acknowledged email, frequent notification of the status update, and be requested an approval upon necessary.
4. The real-time notification will allow the requester to track and escalate the incident/service request by refer to the actual severity and urgency of the problem.
5. A list of case record will be available for the case belongs to each requestor, and allow the requestor to export the list for their reference.
6. An assignment of incident/service request to the agent and monitor the progress of case development

Support portal via: https://support.greenwillsolution.com

This channel also require a registration, you could email to [email protected] for a free account.

Mobile application on IOS and Android: Freshservice and enter the URL: support.greenwillsolution.com.

This channel also require a registration, you could email to [email protected] for a free account.

Emergency line +66924541119

Line official account @greenwillsolution


The incident could be reported at all time on our support portal. The initial response by assigned service agent will be done on the service coverage windows defined on the committed SLA.

Service availability: 99% support portal availability.

Helpdesk functionality: 95% (the percentage of complete and correct ticket to the total ticket received)

B. Technical Resolution service

The service will provide a technical troubleshooting which is a systematic approach to solve a technical problem. The goal of service is to determine why something does not work as expected and how to resolve the problem. The first step in the troubleshooting process is to describe the problem completely. The problem descriptions help our support representative know where to start and it will lead to a problem resolution.

The service agent assigned to the ticket, will do their initial response evaluating the priority of the ticket. The priority will be a combination of service impact to customer and their urgency.

For every emergency ticket: We do recommend the requester to call emergency line, for both in and out of office hour.

For every major ticket calling out of office hour: please also call our emergency line for an immediate response to the ticket.

Remote Technical Support 

After a ticket is created, Greenwill Solution will work during the coverage window to troubleshoot and resolve the hardware failure. 

Prior to any onsite response, Greenwill Solution may provide telephone assistance to your team to isolate the problem, look for known resolutions, and recommend recovery routines if applicable. 

Greenwill Solution may request your team to initiate data collection routines, and provide the results for escalation to our Level 2 remote support specialists.


Initial response: within 60 mins


Operational hour: Business hour: 9:00-17:00, exclude weekend and holiday.

Initial response: within 60 mins.

Resolution time:

Urgent/High – 1 day

Medium – 2 days.

Low – 3 days.

Service availability: 99% that meet initial response time.

Service quality: 95% within the SLA (measure by the percentage of within-SLA ticket  to the total technical ticket received).

Greenwill’s response may differ depending on the incident’s priority level:  

  • Priority 1—Critical system down, network failure, with operation unable to continue, or a risk of data loss.  
  • Priority 2—System or network failure, with recovery and operation continuing, but possibly in a degraded fashion.  
  • Priority 3—Non-critical HW/SW events are classified as a fully functional system, but present an issue that could escalate into a Priority 1 or Priority 2, such as a warning light on a server panel, power supply failure in a system with redundant power supplies, etc.  
  • Priority 4—Non-critical enhancements, such as memory upgrades, hard drive upgrades, system installs or de-installs.  

Note: The priority level does not affect or change your service level agreement.  

C. Spare Part Management service

we will source the new and/or refurbished part, according to the equipment type in the contract. During the site audit process our engineer will collect the HW details for a purpose of preparing the correct and complete parts to solve HW problem.

D. Onsite HW replacement service

The service will provide a technician to install or replace the part at customer site.

Spare part dimensioning

After performing a site audit or a remote site audit, the regional backend support will list all the required spare part need for every contract. By considering both HW fault by manufacturer and local statistic.

Spare part management

The required spare part will be sourcing and store in the area where the part could be dispatched within the predefined SLA.

Part replacement/Onsite technical support

Once the requester provide the site access, Greenwill  or Park place engineer will carry the spare part and travel to the site within the onsite response time and perform HW replacement or technical support at the installed site location.


HW onsite response time: within 4 hours from the site access approval.


Operational hour: Business hour: 9:00-17:00, exclude weekend and holiday.

HW onsite response time: within next business day after the site access approval.

HW onsite response time: meet 95% of the committed SLA (measure by a percentage of the ticket that meet onsite response time to the total of ticket.

Optional Service Scope:

HW Preventive maintenance:

Configuration and Asset Management

  • HW inspection, checking and record the HW details. 
  • Explore and collect configuration/parameter of the equipment.

Environmental Check

  • Check the temperature, humidity, ventilation, input voltage and cleanness of the equipment environment.
  • Check the functions of cooling fans in the rack.
  • Clean the intake opening on the chassis.
  • Equipment location verification

Equipment Check

  • Check and adjust that all cable is appropriately and firmly connect
  • Check and verify the equipment mounting 
  • Check status LED on the front and back panel.
  • Clean the server case with a damp, lint-free cloth.
  • Use equipment command to get the HW operating status and their configuration.

GWSAR Service ActivityReview(quarterly)

A Service Activity Review (SAR) will be conducted quarterly instead of annually. Many large organizations prefer more frequent reviews of service activity.

GWSDM Service DeliveryManager

Greenwill Solution will assign a Service Delivery Manager (SDM) to your account that will work closely with you. The SDM will familiarize themselves with your policies and procedures, and create a customized support plan for your account. The SDM oversees incident escalation, enlisting the skills of appropriate Greenwill Solution resources to ensure that problems are resolved and that we meet our service level agreements. 

GWHWTEST Standard HW testing and report

The service will provide a testing of defective part and provide the testing report to the requestor.

General Terms and ConditionsHardware maintenance

Prerequisites and Dependencies 
  • Server operating systems in use on the hardware Greenwill Solution maintains for you must be fully licensed in accordance with that product manufacturer’s terms and conditions. 
  • Greenwill Solution is not permitted to obtain, provide or install updates to the operating system, firmware or other software. The manufacturer’s software license terms, provided to you when acquiring the original software license, defines your rights to use the software and the process to obtain software updates. 
  • Minimum firmware revisions are required for Greenwill Solution support. Please refer to specific product addenda for acceptable versions. 
  • During transition to Greenwill Solution support, a site audit will be required so that we can identify configuration information and determine the operational health. The configuration information is used by Greenwill Solution’s Smart Sparing algorithms to ensure that the correct parts are stocked at the local service center. If the audit reveals pre-existing faults or critical conditions Greenwill Solution will provide written recommendations on how to resolve such situations. Upon request, Greenwill Solution can provide a quote to resolve the faults on a time-and-materials basis. 
Customer Responsibilities and Assumptions 

Greenwill Solution assumes that you will: 

  • Use the Greenwill Solution freshservice portal to track service activity. 
  • Keep current asset information in Greenwill Freshservice such as location, contact, and access requirements. 
  • Provide timely and accurate incident related information to Greenwill Solution. 
  • Initiate error log collection routines and provide the output to Greenwill Solution. 
  • Provide and maintain the network configurations required for functional call-home monitoring. 
  • Obtain and apply any software or firmware update, patch, fix or other modification recommended by Greenwill Solution. 
  • Make the asset available to Greenwill Solution, or our authorized representative, at the agreed-upon time for scheduled service. 
  • Provide a safe work environment that does not expose the Greenwill Solution field engineer, or authorized representative, to a potential health or safety hazard while performing service. 
  • Ensure assets being serviced by Greenwill Solution are freely accessible to the Greenwill Solution field engineer, or our authorized representative, in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommended service clearance specifications. 
  • Pay for any services performed outside the scope of our service agreement which will be billable based on our published labor rates. 
  • Safeguard confidential data and proprietary information. 
  • Create a back-up of the asset’s operational software to restore the machine in the event of a critical failure. 
  • Be responsible for all updates and administrative tasks after Greenwill Solution performs a hardware service action to your server product. You also accept responsibility for completing restoration and network connectivity. 
Service Exclusions and Limitations

To avoid any doubt, be aware that Greenwill Solution server and network services do not apply when service is required due to any of the following conditions:  

  • The troubleshooting of server, storage and networking equipment that beyond what is required to install the replacement equipment; 
  • Improper environmental conditions, mistreatment or improper use of the product.  
  • Unauthorized or failed attempts by non-Greenwill Solution personnel to repair or maintain the product.  
  • Failure to take preventive actions that were previously recommended by Greenwill Solution.  
  • Failure to obtain and apply any software or firmware update, patch, fix or other modification recommended by Greenwill Solution.  
  • Spyware/Malware/Virus threats, or need to pass a vulnerability scan.  
  • A system has been relocated without prior notice to Greenwill Solution.  

These activities are not included in the scope of this Service Description:  

  • Obtain, provide or install updates to the operating system, firmware or other software(unless otherwise agreed for the supported OS-SW).  
  • Backup or recover the operating system, firmware, data or any other software  
  • Recovery or transfer of data or applications. 
  • Solving device interoperability and compatibility issues  
  • Systemic issues outside a single asset such as:  
  • Server-to-server connectivity through switch fabric  
  • Site-to-site connectivity through the network, including filtering and firewalls  
  • Replication issues  
  • End-to-end system performance degradation  
  • Server optimization  
  • Application performance testing 

Hardware onsite service response time limitations 

Greenwill Solution reserves the right to provide service using a combination of remote monitoring, remote technical support, onsite service delivery and to provide the final determination when a service incident has been resolved. 

Response times can vary based on the service location and the distance to the closest Greenwill Solution service center. An onsite response time will not apply if Greenwill Solution determines that the incident can be resolved using remote technical support. 

When Greenwill Solution determines that an incident cannot be resolved remotely, a Greenwill Solution field engineer or authorized service representative will arrive onsite, during the coverage window, to provide hardware maintenance service. The onsite engineer may require remote technical support that is delivered by Greenwill Solution’s remote support team. 

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