Network MaintenanceIndependent Multi-Vendor Support on
Switches, Routers, Wireless, Security

NetSure, our industry-leading third-party support system that keeps your network up and running. NetSure provides high-quality and reliable maintenance designed to meet your budget and performance requirements. Cut maintenance contracts in half without reducing quality. Whether you need coverage on routing, switching, wireless or security products, know that your network hardware devices are supported.

Looking for independence from SMARTnet® or other manufacturer contracts? Get the maintenance and support flexibility your network needs – full coverage customization, including advanced hardware replacement, 24/7 technical support by certified network engineers Greenwill Soluion portal – our custom portal for all of your ticketing needs.

Extending End of Life with NetSure

NetSure not only supports current-generation but also, End of Life products that manufacturers no longer support. Take advantage of cost savings and network life extensions to optimize network performance and maximize your ROI.

Contact us at Greenwill Solution office and get a free quotation before renew your maintenance contract.

“The results were clear, professional, and effective, and the saving is significant. They know what Care Manager want!”

Care Manager, Leading Telecommunication Manufacturer

Manufacturers supported

NetSure - Curvature's Third-Party IT Maintenance Alternative for Networking Services and Support
Standard Features
  • Onsite Labor
  • Onsite Parts Replacement
  • Remote and Onsite Troubleshooting
Optional Features
  • Dedicated Spare Parts Onsite
  • Dedicated Labor Onsite
  • Defective Media Retention
  • Software Support
  • Hardware Upgrades with Installation Services
  • Asset Disposition

Customer Challenges

Customer Need | Pain Point
Vendor consolidation | One number to call           ✔        ✔
Post-warranty support costs increasing           ✔
End of Support Life (EoSL) by manufacturer           ✔       ✔
Slow, scripted response       ✔
Lack of local spare parts      ✔
Loss of skills (retiring)      ✔
Vendor agnostic provider     ✔

Business BenefitsGreenwill Solution is transforming how companies manage, maintain and upgrade equipment and support for multi-vendor, multinational networks and data centers.

  • Quicker Response Times – Our initial call response is within 30 minutes of incident.
  • Rapid Routing – We respond and engage the appropriate support team to get your incidents resolved faster.
  • Onsite Delivery – A field engineer is onsite within two hours of the initial call. Our average time to resolution is under four hours. Proprietary call-home tool included to provide proactive alerts and error analysis.

Call us to get a free advice on how to do cost saving on your maintenance contract.

  • Dedicated Field Engineers that will serve your project.
  • Wholly-owned spare parts inventory located in the location where your supported equipment.
  • Comprehensive development methodology to define support capabilities for all roadmap products, prior to support commitment

Curvature is the world’s largest global TPM provider. According to Gartner, “Using a TPM can have significant benefits, including hard dollar savings, the ability to escape OEM postwarranty maintenance increases, the ability to extend the life of IT assets, and having additional flexibility in contract structure.”

“Greenwill has always been there for me with a solution to fix my hardware problem, I can always count on him to provide me with a good solution for hardware I need, when I need it, at a price point I cannot deny”

System Engineer, Engineering Company


Yes, with certain manufacturers. Our engineering team is composed of former manufacturer engineers who have found a home with us.

No. Firmware, is the intellectual property of the manufacturer. We will gladly perform a ClearView analysis of an estate to identify risks so customers can determine if firmware updates are needed.

Yes. We utilize original parts, with manufacturer model and firmware. We do not alter or replace parts with non-original components.

es, our Service Centers are stocking locations where we stock high-failure components locally.

Our onsite response service level includes a qualified field engineer with the appropriate tools to begin remediation.

Yes, if it is a product we support, then the warranty status does not matter. We have aggressive pricing structure, 50% lower.

With some exception, you may no longer have access to firmware updates. But by partnering with us, you will lose the high cost and headaches associated with following the manufacturer’s timelines.

A Summary of Server Maintenance

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