A Complete SMSC SolutionService period 2017-2023

The Benefits

  • Greenwill Solution is the authorized partner of Atrinet SMSC in Thailand and
  • The service perform by an experience SMSC engineer.
  • The service include SW and HW maintenance of the Atrinet SMSC.
  • The service managed and controlled by a service management platform that comply the ITIL standard.

How to use the service

The requestor can contact, post and request the service via the following channels  
1. Greenwill support portal on website https://support.greenwillsolution.com, or on mobile application Freshservice with the same url. 
2. Mobile 0924541119 the phone is 24×7 available 
3. email: [email protected] 

Service quality measure

Coverage windows: 24×7

Initial response time: 1 hour

Severity Level 

Severity & Action  Remedy Time 

Restoration Time 


Emergency handling  6 hours  12 hours 


High handling 

12 hours 

24 hours 


Medium handling 

24 hours 

48  hours 

4  Low handling  7 calendar days  14  calendar days 

Remedy time: measure from the time that ticket is reported until a temporally solution is implemented and the service return to normal.

Restoration time: measure from the time that ticket is reported until the system is restored to their normal operating time.

Service Components

Helpdesk service

The help desk service include
1. Multiple communication channels to receive an incident, query, and request.
2.The incident/service request will be logged, categorized, prioritized, acknowledged, routed and monitored.
3. The requestor will receive an acknowledged email, frequent notification of the status update, and be requested an approval upon necessary.
4. The real-time notification will allow the requester to track and escalate the incident/service reqeust by refer to the actual severity and urgency of the problem.
5. A list of case record will be available for the case belongs to each requestor, and allow the requestor to export the list for their reference.
6. An assignment of incident/service reqeust to the agent and monitor the progress of case development

Technical Resolution service

The service will provide a technical troubleshooting which is a systematic approach to solving a technical problem. The goal of service is to determine why something does not work as expected and how to resolve the problem. The first step in the troubleshooting process is to descripbe the problem completely. The problem descriptions help our support representative know where to start and it will lead to a problem resolution.

SW operational support service

The service will deliver the below scope for the supported list.
1. Resolve operational problems within the defined schedules and service level agreements.
2. Analyze root causes of operational malfunctions and provide resolutions.
3. Handle escalated issues and follow-up on outstanding issues promptly.
4. Develop preventive measures and document issue resolution procedures.
5. Manage job calendars and flows to ensure timely completion
6. Recommend process improvements to improve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

SW maintenance service

The service will cover the software that has a partner agreement or we can purchase a SW support from the editor of the software. The software in this scope are Atrinet/Nokia SMSC, Nakivo Backup and restore, Redhat Linux, VMware Vsphere.
The service scope will include
1. Provide SW correction in the form of software release update/upgrade.
2. Arrange the SW testing (under the test environment), provide the SW release planning.
3. Execute or deploy the software correction or software change to the production system.

Preventive maintenance service

For Hardware

Configuration and Asset Management 

  • HW inspection, checking and record the HW details.  
  • Explore and collect configuration/parameter of the equipment. 

Environmental Check 

  • Check the temperature, humidity, ventilation, input voltage and cleanness of the equipment environment. 
  • Check the functions of cooling fans in the rack. 
  • Clean the intake opening on the chassis. 
  • Equipment location verification 

Equipment Check 

  • Check and adjust that all cable is appropriately and firmly connect 
  • Check and verify the equipment mounting  
  • Check status LED on the front and back panel. 
  • Clean the server case with a damp, lint-free cloth. 
  • Use equipment command to get the HW operating status and their configuration. 
Service Activity Review (Monthly)

A Service Activity Review (SAR) will be conducted quarterly instead of annually. Many large organizations 

prefer more frequent reviews of service activity. 

Why customers choose us?

Authorized Atrinet Partner

We are only one authorized Atrinet partner in Thailand.

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Incumbent service provider

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ISO Certified Service Provider

ISO : 29110-4-3

ISO : 27001

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