24*7 HW maintenance service for Dell Server at Southeast Insurance ThailandDell Server

Service period: 26 Nov 2020 – 25 Nov 2021.

Service location: Bangkok

Number of Installed base: 1 Dell Server

Premium service: 24*7*4

Hardware Support 

  • Coverage: Unlimited replacement parts and onsite labor 
  • Coverage window: Coverage window: 24/7 – Service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including holidays.
  • Onsite response time: 4-hour for Chachoengsao, 6-hour for Prachinburi onsite– Once it has been determined that the incident cannot be resolved remotely, a field engineer or authorized service representative will arrive onsite during the coverage window to perform hardware maintenance service on the next business day. Parts to facilitate the repair are included but not guaranteed within the response window. 

Examples: A ticket opened at 0200 will have a Field Engineer onsite no later than 0600 the same day. As always, the customer has the right to defer to a more convenient time at their discretion.

Incident Management

Greenwill Solution helpdesk Ticketing is Greenwill’s incident management system. An incident can be created using several methods: 

  • Phone call to our Service Desk 
  • Electronically via email to Service Desk 
  • Creating an incident ticket using the Greenwill support portal 

Greenwill Service Desk agent will acknowledge the new incident by communicating with your designated “Point of Contact” to confirm these important points: 

  • Make, model, serial number, and physical location of the unit(s) requiring support
  • Entitlement of maintenance coverage for serial numbers 
  • Brief description of the problem (i.e. hardware or software and errors or initial triage) 
  • Requested window for onsite or remote support 
  • Impact and urgency that define your priority level (Priority 1 through 4) 

The Greenwillsolution support portal incident triggers Greenwill to resolve the hardware failure using troubleshooting methods that isolate the problem, perform recovery routines if applicable, and remedy the issue to restore the machine to an operational state. 

Greenwill’s response may differ depending on the incident’s priority level: 

  • Priority 1—Critical system down, network failure, with operation unable to continue, or a risk of data loss. 
  • Priority 2—System or network failure, with recovery and operation continuing, but possibly in a degraded fashion. 
  • Priority 3—Non-critical HW/SW events are classified as a fully functional system, but present an issue that could escalate into a Priority 1 or Priority 2, such as a warning light on a server panel, power supply failure in a system with redundant power supplies, etc. 
  • Priority 4—Non-critical enhancements, such as memory upgrades, hard drive upgrades, system installs or de-installs. 

Note: The priority level does not affect or change your service level agreement. 

Greenwill’s Service Desk has automated escalation processes that include an Escalation Specialist to facilitate the resolution of complex incidents. The Service Desk coordinates incident escalation, and enlists the skills of appropriate resources to resolve the incident.

Coverage details what features are provided by a service level, generally parts or labor. 

Coverage window specifies the time during which the customer may request service be performed. 

Remote Technical Support After a ticket is created, Greenwill Solution will work during the coverage window to troubleshoot and resolve the hardware failure. Prior to any onsite response, Greenwill Solution may provide telephone assistance to your team to isolate the problem, look for known resolutions, and recommend recovery routines if applicable. Greenwill Solution may request your team to initiate data collection routines, and provide the results for escalation to our Level 3 remote support specialists.

Onsite Service For hardware incidents that cannot be resolved remotely, a Greenwill Solution field engineer or authorized service representative will arrive onsite, during the coverage window, to provide hardware maintenance service. The onsite engineer may require remote technical support that is delivered by Greenwill Solution’s remote support team.

A repair is considered complete upon Greenwill Solution’s verification that the hardware has been restored to an operational state.

Replacement Parts Greenwill Solution will provide replacement parts necessary to maintain your assets. These replacement parts will be new, or functionally equivalent to new, in performance. Spare parts are managed using Greenwill Solution’s Smart Sparing algorithms to ensure that the correct parts are available in the local Service Center. Our wholly owned, spare parts inventory is located around the globe in 100+ Service Centers and regional depots.

With the exception of data-bearing devices, replaced parts will become the property of Greenwill Solution.

Defective Media Retention For data-bearing devices, Greenwill Solution will leave behind failed components in the owner’s custody. The owner is responsible for taking appropriate measures to ensure that sensitive data is protected.

Onsite response time specifies the period that begins after the initial call has been received and acknowledged by Greenwill, and it has been determined that the incident cannot be resolved remotely. 

Onsite response time ends when the Greenwill Solution field engineer or authorized service representative arrives onsite, or when Greenwill has determined the incident has been resolved. 

Remote response time specifies the period that begins after the initial call has been received and acknowledged by Greenwill, and ends when a support engineer contacts the requester for problem determination.

Greenwill Solution’s support portal provides a web-based service management system that allows you to manage maintenance contracts and view your assets that are supported by Greenwill Solution. The portal is designed to provide transparency for all related incidents. Details are provided showing when the incident was opened, when Greenwill Solution arrived onsite, and how quickly the incident was resolved. You can open, view, add notes, and append files to tickets. Reporting capabilities show how Greenwill Solution has performed against the stated service levels. Asset lists, tickets, and activities can be exported to a spreadsheet.

Service Activity Review (annual)

An annual Service Activity Review (SAR) will be conducted to identify potential improvements to our service delivery model. The metrics reviewed include how many incidents per month/per location were opened, the types of incidents that occurred, and our performance results achieving the service level agreement response times.

These reports are typically part of the SAR:

  • Incident Summary
  • Incident Locations
  • Incident Types
  • Average Response and Resolution Times
  • Incident Failure Analysis
  • Part Failure Analysis
  • Reoccurring Incidents by Asset
Brand  Model    Description   Serial number  
  Dell   PowerEdge R630   Dell PowerEdge R630 with SSD W5PP5 DELL 1.6TB TLC SAS 2.5″ 12Gb/s SSD 13G KIT MIXED-USE PM1635a SERIES NOB   BPQN9M2  

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