The leading Japanese IT manufacturer that needs someone to manage their spare partSpare part management service: 24x7 warehouse and 4h delivery service

Two people are working together at warehouse for online seller. Concept of small business.
For one leading IT manufacturer, whos is looking for someone to manage the spare part delivery with 24x7x4h SLA.


During October 2016, we started to work on the spare part management requirement from one of the Japanese top IT manufacturer. We started to work on this project, deliver the service started from Nov 2016. We meet more than 98% customer satisfaction.

The challenges of customer are :

  • Reducing the warehouse space:

    When we improve the part placing method, we could locate the part anywhere in the warehouse. This method helps to reduce the warehouse space from 80 sqm to 40 sqm. This leads to a significant cost saving.

  • Assign the trusted partner:

    The total value of spare part in the warehouse is more than 50 million THB, only trusted partner could be assigned to this project.

  • Effective and efficiency:

    With a traffic in Bangkok, we need to prepare the part within 30 mins so that we could have enough time to send the part by either car or motorcycle to every destination in Bangkok. We also cover the nearby province e.g. Chonburi, Rayong, Ayudthaya, and more.


  • The location on the east of the Bangkok, was selected so that we could reach the potential destination of our customer easier.
  • The full security measure has been placed: 2 door locks, finger-scan access control, 24×7 cctv surveillance, 50 million liability assurance.
  • Develop the intelligence part placing so that we could place any part anywhere in the warehouse but still be able to access it within a minute.


We do this service for more than 3 years from 2016-now, with customer satisfaction more than 95%,  and more than 99% SLA achievement. Customer could gain their saving by not scarifying their service quality.

Customer is growing they are using our service more. The below chart shows the number of delivery transactions between 2017 and 2020.

Contact us at Greenwill Solution office and get a free quotation before renew your maintenance contract.

“The results were clear, professional, and effective, and the saving is significant. They know what Care Manager want!”

Care Manager, Leading Telecommunication Manufacturer

Looking for a trusted IT HW maintenance?

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