Full scope TOT SMSC MA 2020-2021Technical Support Services

Our SMSC maintenance solutions cover TOT new vSMSC solutions. We provide consistent results while retaining the agility to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

This offer includes local & remote technical support, include R&D services if needed that will be provided by Atrinet expert engineers and upgrade options

Service period 1 Jul 2020- 30 Jun 2021

Service scope

  1. Atrinet’s new vSMSC solution SW maintenance service: Enhance support, SW regular update, SW final correction will be released in the future SWU. Unlimited, L3 technical resolution and query, manage 3rd party SW fault report to the SW development team. 
  2. Greenwill solution engineer will handle 
    1. 24×7 service for 12 cases per year..
    2. 9×5 Technical resolution.
    3. Remote/onsite technical support, 
    4. Manage HW fault report to 3rd party HW maintenance, 
    5. SW update installation: 1 times/year,  if applicable.
    6. HW Maintenance service : Premium 24x7x4h onsite support as per detail listed in the “Service Features”.

Service Level Agreement

Severity Level Severity & Action Remedy Time
1 Emergency handling 6 hours
2 High handling 24 hours
3 Medium handling 48 hours
4 Low handling 7 calendar days

Service features


Coverage details what features are provided by a service level, generally parts or labor. 

Coverage window specifies the time during which the customer may request service be performed. 

Onsite response time specifies the period that begins after the initial call has been received and acknowledged by Greenwill, and it has been determined that the incident cannot be resolved remotely. 

Onsite response time ends when the Greenwill Solution field engineer or authorized service representative arrives onsite, or when Greenwill has determined the incident has been resolved. 

Remote response time specifies the period that begins after the initial call has been received and acknowledged by Greenwill, and ends when a support engineer contacts the requester for problem determination.


Premium service 24x7x4h

Hardware Support

  • Coverage: Replacement Parts and Onsite Labor
  • Coverage window: 24×7 – Service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including holidays.
  • Onsite response time: 4-hour response – Once it has been determined that the incident cannot be resolved remotely, field engineer or authorized service representative will arrive onsite during the coverage window to perform hardware maintenance service within four hours. Parts to facilitate the repair are included but not guaranteed within the response window.

Software Support

  • Coverage: Standard
  • Coverage window: 9×5 – Service is available 9 hours per day, 5 days per week, 12 cases out-of-office hour service uplift per year .
  • Remote response time: Once an incident is received, a Support Engineer will respond to the call within one hour.


Preventive Maintenance

Upon request the preventive maintenance with the following activities will be performed.

For HP Servers

  • Clean the Server case with a damp, lint-free cloth.; this could leads to turn off the HP Server before cleaning.
  • Check functions of the cooling fans and clean the intake openings on the chassis. The server will be turned-off and unplug before cleaning. Next the industrial static-free vacuum cleaner will be used to remove the dust and lint.
  • Check product details and FW version. Check HW status.

For SW : 

  • Check SMSC SW version and Installed change notes
  • Check SMSC capacity
  • Check SMSC processes
  • Check connection to all other network elements
  • Check SMSC service availability

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