Successfully deployment of Atrinet vVAS 360 – new SMSC for TOTTelecom technical support service

Atrinet is a Team of 100+ highly skilled and experienced Network experts, IT, R&D, DevOps. Developing variety of solutions for service providers and enterprise customers.
  • Atrinet develop the Nokia solution VAS platforms and transforming it to the next generation (Cloud and Virtualization)
  • Fully support NFV Openstack, VMware data centers, Google & Amazon cloud, dedicated HW.
  • Fast Implementation, within 2-3 month your new platform will be up and running
  • Support all 3GPP & ETSI specification



Atrinet SMSC offers operators a feature-rich, flexible, future-proof, low-cost alternative to legacy SMS Router or SMSC platforms.

While supporting all traditional SMSC functions, our communications platform provides a common architecture to support multiple messaging technologies, including IPSM capabilities for LTE/IMS networks and special services as CLI replacement, B&W and much more:

  • Features

    • Highly flexible rules based routing engine.
    • Highly Scalable on HW or in Virtualised environments.
    • Multi-Site and Geo-Redundancy support.
    • Single Tenant or Multi Tenant; Single Country or Multi Country.
    • P2P SMS in Store & Forward (S&F), First Delivery Attempt (FDA), MNP, Legal Interception support.
    • Future Proof; support for interworking of SMS services over IMS/LTE.
    • Personal Services: CLI replacement, B&W, OOO, Forwarding/Copy and more.

Install options:

vVAS360° VMware Data Center

  • Atrinet vVAS360° can be install on any data center running VMware (ESXi)
  • Atrinet offer as optional to purchase the data center directly 
  • Easy scaling of the VaaS solution (add more disk, SAN arrays etc.)


New SMSC installation and expansion for TOT Thailand, Oct 2018-Jun 2019.

The solution includes the following elements:

    • Fully virtualized VAS Platforms containing the following solutions:
      • Atrinet SMSC
      • Atrinet NPS (Oracle DB)
    • The proposed solution is fully compliant with all of TOT requirements
    • Fully redundant virtualized deployment base on VMware
    • Installation, integration and migration with all required elements
    • Migration from old platforms

General requirement for TOT project

    • New SMSC + SMSC-R Version 12.2 without IP-SM-GW
    • 2 SMSCs will be install with 300 MPS each
    • VMware with vCenter will be part of the project 
    • New NPS Version 7.0
    • New HW installation
    • Support for “On-Net and Off-Net for Bulk SMS”
    • Support for Diameter, CMD integration
    • New Lawful / Archive SM 
    • AO HTTP/S support on SMSC
    • Senders & Alphabets length in the NPS to block on SMSC

Implementation schedule (the part managed by Atrinet and Greenwill Solution).

Phase I (2-5 working days): Project kick-off meeting and workshop.

Phase II (20 working days): Build the full solution on Lab environment.

Phase III (12 working days after HW arrive the site): HW Installation and commissioning.

Phase IV (5 working days): SMSC & NPS – Install and Configuration – Greenwill onsite/Atrinet remote.

Phase V (10 working days): ATP Internal – Atrinet + Greenwill Solution.

Phase VI (10 working days): Customer ATP – TOT + Atrinet + Greenwill Solution.

Phase VII: Migration, number of days, based on TOT plan.

Phase VIII: Care annual support.

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